Ghost Medicine

by Systems

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"Is this post-thrash? Systems draw from all over the heavy spectrum to create a sound that has the space and atmosphere of a Neurot band but an immediacy that indicates a background in hardcore. Ghost Medicine, the juggernaut full-length to be released this summer, pits harsh black metal roars against haunted baritone countermelodies, all atop a tempest of doom and death metal that threatens to drop the floor out with its bassy heft."

—Corbie Hill 'Independent Weekly'


released October 31, 2011

Daniel Mc Donald- guitar
Cameron Zarrabzadeh- guitar/vocals
Peter Gwynne- drums
Spencer Lee- bass/vocals



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Systems North Carolina

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Track Name: I. Procession
To feel the twinkling and twitching
Of every little nerve
Of that very vein
That brings the first flash
Of the fullest flood.

Bruised like dusk descending
We're falling down broken stairs.

Counting our numbered days
Until the end mark lands square
Over flooded mourning eyes
Closed coffins and failed dawns.

Slow centuries of cyclic moons
Deprive the past the right to sleep.
Now we're shoveling
Loose dirt in passed hearts
Are we digging a trench
Or merely carving our own graves?
The earth is trembling.

The miner's scratch walls
While the beggars just sleep;
One coughing up dust
The other dying for meaning,
Both blinded by the light they seek.

The glow of the sun
Rusted and westward sinks.
Each wounded day
Nursed back by the night.
Darkness divine
Restores the weak.

Light blurs the lines
Until we just disappear.
Do we just disappear?
Track Name: II. Healing Tides
Lie awake
In a dream
To recover
The remedy buried deep
In the ancient seas
Of silent sleep.

The weight of
Lead-filled eyelids
Grows so heavy,
Now our ship will sink.

The tides keep on carving our shore
With intentions to heal,
The moon keeps on pulling our weight,
As our bones, crush we keel.
The seconds keep tearing away,
Ever gnawing our heals.
The horizon keeps lighting our shore
With intentions to heal.

Day after day unfolds
The same charade.
Track Name: III. Witch Ritual
Watch the flames grow
As they claim our homes.

Untie each knot
Woven in this serpentine
Of doubts and reasons not to
Drop your empty pail
Down the well
You've come to count
On in times
Of severest drought.

A cough upheaved,
Poured back down the well.

Time returns us all to dirt
Where we reach toward the sky.

Sever worn ties
Cut off the whole chase
Spiraling down this plane crash circle.
Your letters penned prayers
All too late
So spiral on down that drug you circle.
When your engine
Tastes those waves
You're swallowed whole into endless circles.

Cough and crash.

Our pilot's dead,
Fasten straight ahead
At the crash,
Greet the shattered glass.

Please help me
Lick these wounds clean.
No hope, No God
Save me.

When the ground breaks you'll stop
Crashing downward.
High as great pyramids and yet
The bricks tear
Lives like leaves down.

In this collapse
Can we fall through the cracks?
In this collapse
Can we only lose what's lovely?

March toward the cliffs
Bound and gagged,
Blind and Mute.

Lay us down
Scraped clean from the marrow of your bones.
Track Name: IV. Burial
Propose a vow
Swear an oath
As poisoned wine floods our veins.

Let each swallow
Warm this season
That kills us the most.

But we hold on
To that ledge
Though we're losing our grip
On this icicle life.

Sink in your nails
And please spit out those pills.
Keep it kicking.
Though you feel so broken
We can still mend these ties.

Just hold strong
On through these dying days.
Know that we will find land
And cough up the blood
From our lungs
On the shore.

Cough up the blood
Cough up the blood.
Spit out the blood
Spit out the blood
And breathe.

Collect the windfall
As the crops sway;
Perform their burial
Before the sun fades.

Tear open the flesh
Rip up the seams
Retrieve the seeds
To save, to sow
At dawn in spring.

Pull out thick clumps of old hair,
Grow anew,
Love again.

Toward the unknown
Our footfall treads blindly,
Feeling through the dark
For the moss side of a guiding tree
Whose bright leaves call to mind
The trail of tears.
A pulse taken for each section
Of this concrete.

Slaughtered millions
Pinned to graves
Beneath the weight
Of this great fucked machine.

The blood red moon
Like a reaper's scythe
Cuts free this tired spirit
Into the swirling, frozen night.

Starving we swallow star-lit skies
As the medicine of purging rites
To cough up all our demons.
To smother
Each memory held hostage in sorrow's choir.

Our lifelines grow
Like grass hair from the graves.
Our day's rivers run through these bodies
Unwinding each woven day.
Track Name: V. Ghost Medicine (tetradymia canescens)
To burn with candles on frozen floors,
Let's weave our hands tight,
Feel each other's thorns.

To make their dried-out eyes glisten,
The river is risen from within
Each and every breath-bathed vein
On intake of pain.

The precious song
Our beating bodies want to make
Until the smile breaks
And the heart grows cold as steel.

Face fractures in the mirror,
Shattered eyes in glass.

Cut us free
Wounded healers.

Out the window
Down the road
The fabric falls apart
As paper in the rain:

Who is your myth-maker?
Do they love you?

Artless emblems
Fill our eyes,
Choke our dreams,
We're fucked and bleeding.

Let's see a little blood
In the living and Loved.
Blood to air,
Skin to scar,
Air to blood,
Wounds to heal.

The sunrise carven on your wrist
Calmly reflects
On the rivers coursing
Beneath my own flesh
With ghost medicine.

Drop the veil upon
This dying day.
To the earth,
This time we consecrate.

Drop the veil.
Track Name: VI. Datura Hallowing
Datura, Datura
Datura daze.
The dreaming dissolving
Our lifelines in fate.

Datura, Datura
Datura daze.
Let your devils claw through
To scrape clean these veins.

Datura, Datura
I die not afraid
With no clue
Where we're going
But we all leave the same.

May the starlight pin bright spindles through
The open wound's softest parts.
Make words burn
Along the tongue.
Missed the turn,
Now it's wrong.

But the sound of time's passage still remains
Washed up in broken shells
Until the pages are ripped out
Through our forced open mouths,
Until our ashes settle on the ground.

Come unwound,

In hallowed ground
The seeds settle down.
In hallowed ground
So please settle down.

For Ian Creath and Drew Wallace
Continued dosing
Of one sacred root
Until I'm through
Coughing up and learning
From their ghosts.

Each separate dying ember
Falls across the floor.
Track Name: VII. Visionary
Over windswept fields
Ashes swirl
In painted clouds
Whose verse fills the air.

Hearts torn, lost but free
Death's knells have grown deafening.
Let them ring!

Through life love libertad.

Our fractured limbs,
The wars we live.
Our petals stripped,
The wounds we trench.
Our emptiness.

Haunted hands bolt
Shut the storm door
As the world spins down
The sun's corridor.

Flames rise
As we move closer.

All stories crash down
When the roof caves in.

Sing the sweet sorrow
To the final hour, breath and day
To the midnight sun
Whose light sets and fades
Final hour breath and day.
Track Name: VIII. Unveiled by the Fall
When the stalks bloom
We'll tell time by watching the moon.
We'll move through our dreams
Like a snake through a stream.
When the stalks bloom
We'll tell time by watching the moon
From the full to the new.

Staring down empty skies
Weeping for rain.
To face the sun with trusting eyes
As we unveil.

Deep breath out,
Lungs collapse,
Wings finely folded
With feet firm on the ground.

Stitch your resolve
Tight in the heart's cloth
Know the hardest parts
Like our bones soon dissolve.